Looking for a new Boat Trailer

cbyusBy Charlotte Byus
Like everything else at the beach our boat trailer has just about rusted to the ground. That thing that holds the wheels on is just about gone, you know the axle. Every time I go into the storage unit for our boat I see more rust flakes on the cement floor. And then there is the trailer hitch, that is sad, if it rusts any more we will need to push the boat out of the unit from the back! So we are on the lookout for a new trailer. Apparently, it is not like you can just go to the store and pick out one, you see, it needs to be made for our type of boat. It has to match the bottom of the boat and the sides and the length, oh yes, don’t forget the engine hanging off the back.

RR has been on the internet and phone to several boat trailer builder and priced said trailer. Of course, each time I ask the same stupid question, “How much do they want for that one?” Then my eyebrow goes up and my bottom lip goes down, I say, “that is how much we paid for the whole darn Boat!”

With all this said, this past Friday, I saw an advertisement on TV for the Houston Summer Boat show. Hey, RR, want to go? Of course, he does. Off we go, heading for the ferry and across the causeway to Houston town we go. Both of us were born and raised in Houston, I will just say, I have never traveled on that Gulf freeway that construction was not in progress. I am trying to be nice, RR usually drives as that dually takes up more room than I want to use.

When we get close to exit 16 (discount mall) we come to a stop and start to crawl inch by inch, of course there must be a wreck, lanes are too small anyway. Well no, it is a funeral at the church before you get to Dickinson and everyone on the freeway must slow down and look. Say a prayer for the person, and off we go.

Two exits before the beltway, we stop again. This time there are areas on each side of the freeway so the police can travel to the wreck, making lots of noise, so we know they are there. Well, by the time, we get to where the wreck “was” there is only a fuel spill and car parts to clean up. Oh yes, the two fire trucks sitting across two lanes, four police cars, hazmat fire truck and firemen cleaning up the mess.

Finally we make it to the 610 exit, about this time, I look at RR and say, “So glad you came up with this idea.” LOL! Thank goodness he laughed and we kept going, of course, only to stop again before we got to 288! Really! How do you people cope with this everyday!!?? 610 loop is under construction in two different places before you get to the Astrodome, you know, NRG! Finally we get off at the Fondren Street exit to park and that entrance is closed. RR turns his head and looks at me but says nothing. Yikes! So we circle around to Kirby and enter the parking lot, at $12 a car or truck. RR parks the truck and finally in we go! That will be $24 for two please. When we finally get into the boat show I find the first beer stand and purchase the poor man a beer. Enough said.

The show was a dud. But we did see two brands of trailers we might think about investigating and make a purchase.

Needless to say we came home 288, of course, it was under construction too. We made it to Hwy 6 and took a back FM to the Gulf freeway and had dinner at Gringo’s. Yea! Best part of the Day, we toasted our beverage glasses to a Fun Friday.


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