cbyusBy Charlotte Byus
I am really in a turmoil about how to write this but I will try to share and not scare. With that said, I would have never written or told anyone about what we have been through BUT, with sharing with a few friends, they have all gone to have a mammogram. And if this helps someone else see that this is a necessary step in any man or woman’s health I will share.

I volunteered at MD Anderson for many years with their Christmas Card program and made sure my Mom had the best care there with her colon cancer. I have always been a believer in MDA and their work. Now I can say UTMB did not treat me like a number but like a very dear person.

The day finally came and we had a moon lit ride on the ferry to Jeanie Sealy day surgery. As you well know, when taking the ferry, you are either 30 minutes early or 30 minutes late. We were early but they were ready for me. I identified myself for the first of many times and received my three ID bracelets and met my nurse of the morning. Cheerful, happy and positive would describe my first nurse and very efficient – she was ready for us. She got me ready for the day and kept a smile on our faces as she worked.

The next step was off to imaging. Again, you see they make sure everything is still in the same spot as last time. Jennifer was there waiting for me with a huge smile and a big hug. As we enter the room I met another new doctor, her name is Jennifer too. She tells me in detail what they are going to do to get me ready for surgery. Each and every person that I met shared the details of their part of my day. You must know that this helped me feel so secure and every person I met during the day handled their job with detail and a smile.

From imaging I was off again, down the hall to the surgery room. UTMB is a teaching hospital so every step of the way there were new young doctors and soon to be doctors to greet me and mentally hold my hand.

Finally, everyone had checked and double checked my name, birthday and we were ready to rid me of this problem inside of me. Dr. Choa came up to me and asked all the same questions just to make sure and then she said, “Charlotte, one more question, what is the reason for this surgery?” By now, you know my sick sense of humor, and I say to her, “Why we are here to rid me of all these tattoos on my breast!” Her eyes got so big and all that came out of her mouth was WHAT? I said, everyone who had seen me this morning has initialed their handy work so I guess you are going to remove this along with the three spots in my breast. On that note we all laughed and I was out for the count.

This week has been hard on me because I do not do “be still” very well. Poor RR has had his hands full, but being the dear that he is, he has only growled at me a few times. I never needed the pain pills the doctor prescribed, I used Tylenol extra strength for two days and I have been fine and no pain. By the third day RR was ready to Velcro me to a chair so I would be still. I have done what the doctor said about not lifting over five pounds and I have been outside to walk and enjoy the sun.

I want to thank my friends for support, food, desert and love. I need to thank my children that I finally told before surgery for not over-reacting in great fear. Most of all, that man I have been with for 52+ years for holding my hand and loving me.

There will be another chapter in this, stay tuned.


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  1. Esther Sarabia says:

    You will be in my prayers. Hoping for the best results.

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