cbyusBy Charlotte Byus
Now I know why our Moms and Dads did not unclutter before they passed away. YOU cannot do this without going down ”memory lane.” For the past few weeks, I have really been sorting and decluttering. We have our new home, so it is time to store or discard. Things like that pressed coin from July, 1965, at the Battleship Texas Park, I cannot get rid of it, that was the first time RR said I love you. Remember the Texas was battleship grey not Pacific Blue. Now my kids can get rid of it, they don’t know this story and it would not mean that much to them anyway. Lord, we’ve been married a trillion years to them.

The last dress Mom and I made for me together…it must be seven sizes too small and could possibly be back in style as far as I know. Nope, that will just be folded up in a box along with other things the girls will have to go through.

I made another trip this morning to Second Going, with stuff I could let go of. Janet Leigh let me in the back door to bring items inside. Darn, the back of the store is full of our stuff!! My old B&R mug, suitcases I forgot to take the name tags off of – I could go on, but I won’t.

Last week, I needed to make a trip to Galveston. I stopped by the Credit Union to pull all the paper out of the safety deposit box. Really, I have spent most evenings trying to burn up our shedder. While I was in Galveston, I took care of other business and ran into someone I hadn’t seen in over a year. She asked questions. I had no idea how she knew this stuff. When I told her RR and I were going to be doing more traveling soon, her comment was, “You will still write won’t you? You’ll let us know about your travels?”

So I guess I will take you along on our travels and we’ll make memories together.

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