By Georgia Osten
This Sand Bucket inspired by my friend, Charlotte’s, previous story.
First of all, by the sheer coincidence that perhaps our paths have crossed at some point before we ended up being “beach friends.” Charlotte mentioned that her Mom had worked for the Warwick Hotel at some point, my Mom too!

We moved to Houston the summer after I graduated from High School. Heck, it may have been the same week, Mom, I think, was anxious to get outta Port Arthur. So my Mom, Granny and I moved to the Bellaire area in ’67. Granny and I were tight friends, she was my Gin Rummy victim and my late-night scary show partner. If there was a scary show on, she had to stay up with me to watch it.

Mom went to work for the Warwick Hotel as a hostess. She helped plan events and met many famous people like John Wayne and Red Adair. John was in town for the Premier of Hellfighters. Geez, that brings another coincidence to mind. As time went on, I met some kids from the Nasa/Clear Lake/Nassau Bay area and actually met Red Adair and would hang out at his house with his kids.

Moving on. That summer, before starting college in the Fall, I also got a job at the Warwick. My first job, I was hired in Room Service. Room Service was a little cubicle in the kitchen. The kitchen was a really lively place. The Chefs are a breed of their own, very temperamental, very feisty. It wasn’t the safest place to work in the hotel.

I had a menu in front of me at all times when guests would call in to order. Orders like Beefeaters would throw me for a loop, I thought it was a sandwich? I had no idea to go to the Liquor section of the menu, it was quite a learning curve for me.

Mom instantly noticed my frustration and talked to one of her friends in the hotel family. Bubbles hired me to help out with his florist business. We decorated the restaurant and lobby and even had some other venues.

Don’t ask me how, but somehow it came up that I wanted to have the color of my hair changed. Well, Bubbles had a friend who was a Beautician, I can’t remember his name … One evening the three of us met at the Salon and Bubbles’ friend went to work on my hair. Yep, that’s when I became a Platinum Blonde.

Oh dear …


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  1. Bob Currie says:

    Platinum and gray are close in color, so… LOL

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