Message in a Bottle

Adrift for quite some time, a 32-oz Coke bottle washed ashore last week and caught the eye of Bolivar resident Larry Webb. Larry and Tammy are frequent beachcombers, remarks Larry, “She is a ‘toother’, but I look for the bigger stuff.” Tammy searches for tiny shark teeth and Larry finds the larger treasures. He saw this bottle in the seaweed near the water’s edge on the beach near O’Neal Road, and then forgot about it in his truck for a few days. Larry carefully removed the message to find writing on a couple of Strutters Fried Chicken napkins. A group of partiers claimed to be stranded on a sand bar in 1977, “Running out of food. Please send us beer & reefer.”

Tammy and Larry Webb find message in a bottle, adrift for 42 years.

The bottle is believed to have originated in the Chunky River in Mississippi. It may have traveled the Gulf for 42 years before washing up on Bolivar. Larry contacted the tourist bureau in Meridian, MS and they may have identified a few of the partiers.

“Running out of food. Please send us beer & reefer.” HELP (click image for larger view)

No one knows for sure how far the bottle has traveled, Larry commented, “It’s a mystery!” Seems this Message in a Bottle has been afloat through countless storms and hurricanes. Many things and memories do stand the test of time.

David, with Bolivar Live, interviewed the Webbs near the location where the bottle was found.


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  1. Carlis says:

    Love this, thank you for sharing. Carlis

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    very cool story!

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