cbyusBy Charlotte Byus
Long, long ago, well about two years ago, a very small totally black kitty adopted Beachside RV Park. No one knows where she came from but she decided this was her new home. Momma-kitty was not too happy but she allowed this lil’ girl to stay for a morsel or two. RR is a sucker for cats, me too and “Midnight” became another park kitty. We watched her become a cat and learn how to hunt, she taught us who was going to be her friend. You know cats, they pick you not, the other way around. Many families in the park started purchasing cat food and leaving out water. When someone was heading on an adventure we were informed so we could pick up the slack of feeding. Momma-Kitty liked this idea too.

We were sitting outside one afternoon when Midnight took off on a chase, a rabbit was lurking about. Off she went, tummy to the ground tail straight up on the hunt. The closer she got, the bigger the rabbit became. Let’s just say, the rabbit was twice the size of Midnight. Midnight, by Charlotte ByusWhen she was about two feet from the first great attack, she must have realized this was not going to end well. She turned around and sauntered back to the party at hand.

One day Midnight did not come out for food. Everyone called her and searched the dreaded Hwy 87 for her, but no luck. The next day we did the same, and so on for four days. No Midnight. Then one day our assistant park ranger Brenda went into the rental trailer on the end of the road, open the door and guess what, there she was. And not too happy about the jail she had been in for days. That was our Midnight, she followed everyone even into a new area. The trailer was cleaned and aired out and all was well. She was getting older and the Kitty Committee decided it was time to take her to the vet for shots and spaying. So we took up a collection for this visit and Asst. Park Ranger Brenda and Farmer Ben took Midnight away for a visit with the vet.

Our Midnight did not come back to the Park. She became the queen of the home of Farmer Ben and Asst. Park Ranger Brenda. She has taken over the home and barely allows other cats and dogs to live in her domain. She survived Harvey’s flood and is fat and sassy. We miss her here at the Park but she is loved and cared for by beautiful people.


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