Mine. Mine. Mine. Mine.

nora0By Kelly Moad
That must have been what Nora heard as she fed the “hungry” seagulls on the ferry boat last week. The boat was only half full, or half empty, whichever you prefer…so the back of the boat had no cars. The perfect space for flying friends to take a little rest as they crossed the gulf. And right in the midst of them all was Nora Cortino, a true animal lover to the core. She has ridden the ferry boat most of her life, and feeding the seagulls from the back of the boat is second nature. She knows seagulls love Cheetos, who doesn’t?


She sat down on the deck and the seagulls and black birds surrounded her, not-so-patiently waiting for their treat, which they would take right from her hand. Soon after, her sister Liz Sanders joined Nora to feed the birds and the noise and excitement grew quite loud. Birds talk you know.


And as the ferry boat was cruising along, word got out that some good stuff was happening on this boat. So low-and-behold, it enticed a rather large bird…of the pelican type. He landed his rather robust self right on the deck of the boat surrounded by the seagulls…and Nora and Liz.


The pelican ventured to within a few feet of the sisters. A wall of seagulls was all that separated the sisters and the big bird. But hey, he likes Cheetos too! Adventures always await on the Bolivar Ferry boats.

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