Miss Bee’s Bolivar Buzz

By Shannon Williams
Sometimes, I forget how special the Bolivar Peninsula really is, but then you get a chance to see it through someone else’s eyes. We had guests this weekend, and while they had been to the peninsula several times before, it was only a quick trip. This trip, we sat on the porch, danced in the rain and spent a whole day at the beach. It was the perfect day for a beach day, just enough people to have good people watching, but you did not feel like it was “packed”. I forget how healing just sitting and watching the water is, it really is so therapeutic in so many ways. When you think of all the life beneath those waters and how they all live and interact, and every now and then they give us a look into their world.

Our guests enjoyed the ferry ride and it was as if God said, “queue the dolphins” as they put on a show for all aboard. The clouds this weekend were just spectacular and we watched several rain storms move in. The kids loved the rain, not to mention it washed the sand off the beach toys!!

My work is very hectic now with the COVID pandemic, since I work with seniors; everything has changed about how we provide services for them. I so needed to be in my office this weekend, writing and doing budgets, but I knew my soul needed to be recharged. All I had to do was take a golf cart ride and there was all I needed to recharge. How lucky we are, to not only have the beach, but all the wildlife, the birds, the ducks, crabbing, all show us the wonder of it all.

We are used to driving down the road and seeing birds, so graceful just being part of it all. You do not get that driving down I45, and I want to always take time just to see the peninsula and all its beauty. It is not only the peninsula that is amazing, but it is its people also. Social Media post requests for help for our neighbors, animals, and the community and they are answered. We are free to have a political parade and have people wave and cheer, regardless of who they support; we are all supporting the freedom we have to each have our own vote and voice. So let’s look at our beloved peninsula through new eyes each day and celebrate all it gives us.


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