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Shannon WilliamsBy Shannon Williams
Sometimes, things just do not work as you have planned them to work out! We were asked to babysit our 6-year-old grandson while his parents went to Mexico for a week. We have kept him many times before, but wanted to take a little trip with him during this time period. So where do two old folks take an active young boy to have a good time in the heat of the summer? We had spent a few days at the Golden Nugget in Lake Charles this spring, and I thought it would be just the place. They have a huge pool, a lazy river, great food of all kinds and not to mention a great golf course and spa for the adults.

I thought this would be just the ticket for a fun time and one that would not have us at some kid’s event in the heat and dying, but giving him lots to do to enjoy himself. He loves everything about the water, so thought we would spend most of our time at the pool. I had checked out which movies were playing and the plan was made to go see a new release kids movie, and then to stop off at the Alligator farm on the way home. I checked with a few friends who had kids around his age and got some tips. The week before, I had to pick up a part for a house repair and while at the business somehow got into a conversation with the clerk, who had just taken her grandchildren to the same place and they loved the pool and room service. So, the plans were made, I had brought some new clothes for him. Ok, I use any excuse to shop and shopping for little ones is double the fun! I got snacks and games for the car and for the hotel room. Roscoe (our grandson) and I had discussed the plans several times and all were on board. He has not traveled much and had only stayed at a hotel one other time and it was with us. We looked at the website and pool and how many floors the hotel had; it was all coming together.

The weekend before, he was under the weather, but we were assured that all was good and he had seen a doctor and was feeling better. Wednesday am, we were off for the trip. Plans changed first thing and our early start was a not so early start, but we had a great little drive over to Lake Charles. Now if you are married to my husband, you know that you cannot get anywhere close to Lake Charles and not stop at Darrell’s for a Poor Boy Sandwich. I had checked out the menu and they had grilled cheese and Peanut Butter sandwiches for kids, so thought we would be good to go, but no, the little one does not like either one. He decided on the barbeque sandwich with the sauce on the side, I thought we would be good, as he loves bread and the bread on these sandwiches is so good. Well, he was having none of it, but did eat a bag of chips, so we were good.

As we pulled up to hotel, his eyes were wide open, taking it all in. We had talked before about the casino part and how he could not go into that area. He wanted to see what that was all about, but was very respectful of the rules. He really thought the slot machines were a neat thing and wanted to know how many more years before he could play them. We got a room on the 5th floor and he was a little disappointed as he wanted to be up higher, but thought the room was great. We had a view of the river and could already see some barges going up and down the river. He was very impressed with the size of the bath tub and was thrilled to know that I had brought bath toys for him to enjoy a bath. We walked around a little and went out to see the pool. I thought he would want to get in right away, but it was a little overwhelming to him and he wanted to wait till there were less people there. Back up the room to unpack and then decided what we wanted to do for dinner. He was thrilled at the size of the TV and all of the channels and in no time had found all of his favorite channels. I no sooner got one suitcase emptied and looked over and he was fast asleep at 5 pm in the afternoon! Ok, it had been a big day, so let him take a nap. In about an hour, I tried to get him up so we could go to dinner before the crowds of the evening. Well he wanted nothing to do with waking up and as I was trying to get him up, I noticed he felt hot. OK, we have six young old with a fever. No big deal, it is not like we had not dealt with this many years ago and many times. The Hubby was tired and said his throat was hurting and he had a running nose. OK, I am a little concerned. So, I start off to order room service. I thought some good gumbo would help the hubby and I also loved the bisque they have.

They want you to order room service using the TV, well after 20 mins I gave up and called the front desk. I was informed I would have to go to the restaurant in person and order the food. Ok, I can do that, so off I go downstairs, leaving the two “boys” snuggled in bed watching TV. Well, as I was ordering, I discovered that the chicken strips and pasta both were Cajun and they could not make it any other way. OK, I am getting a little stressed. The great bartender said go to the pub and get a slice of cheese pizza and your food will be ready when you get back. So, another line, but got cheese pizza which I know he loves. I picked up our food and back to the room I go, only to discover that I did not get the gumbo for my husband. OK, back downstairs I go and they made it right, but my bisque was cold by the time I got back. OK, it was still good. Roscoe never would wake up to eat his pizza and Paul went to bed after his dinner. I had planned to go hit the craps table when they both went to bed, but just did not feel right leaving while they were both under the weather. I was up and down most of the night checking fever and listen to them both coughs.

We had a early tee time for the next morning as playing golf with Pew pa is great fun for Roscoe, I had arranged a separate golf cart in case he got bored. Well that did not work out either and the hubby played by himself and the day heated up way to fast. In the meantime, I needed to get some food into this little one, but every place was packed! He was feeling somewhat better, so we waited till 11 am and ran over to Olive Garden, one of his favorite places! He ate a huge plate of pasta and he and I had a great time. We stopped by Target to pick up pop tarts for the mornings and a few snacks. We arrived as Paul got home from the golf course. It had not been a fun round for him, he was hot and tired and sick, a nap was in order for the boys and I went to the spa (the highlight of my trip!). The boys met me at the pool after the spa and we all played in the cool water, but he was still a little overwhelmed by the size and all the people and would not try the slide and stayed by our side. Our plan for the evening was his other favorite restaurant, Texas Roadhouse. He was fine, but no sooner had we gotten there and got our place in line and he had chills and the fever had returned! We got our food to go (another cold meal for me). We got some meds down him and a little nap and he was up and wanted ice cream, so back downstairs I go and return with great ice cream for us all.

I stayed away from the casino again, as we were on fever duty all night. We decided to head home in the am. He was feeling fine and we all enjoyed a great lunch in Beaumont, at Frankie’s, he loved the big meatballs and ate every bit of it. We decided to skip the alligator farm and stay out of the sun. By this time, I am beginning to get the running nose, omg, I was sure we all had Covid.

Well we took him to the doctor the next am and all got tested and got some meds, no covid for anyone. We all got some meds and spent the remaining time inside watching movies and eating ice cream! The plans did not turn out, but it will be a trip to remember and anytime you spend with them at that age is a gift and when his little laugh was heard again, it was such a sweet sound.


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