Monsters, Mayhem and Much Much More!

trunk00By Linda Elissalde
Rock and Roller Cheryl Small and her monster crew of helpers created the biggest and best TRUNK OR TREAT event with Gulf Coast Market’s GHOST ON THE COAST! There were more games, more food, more costume contestants and more attendees to this annual celebration of All Hallows Eve. The Blue Bell Truck was even present so folks could enjoy that sweet ice cream from a little old creamery in Brenham, Texas. The entry way to the carnival was covered with warnings to beware. Participants were advised to follow the 3Cs in case of a zombie attack. Tombstones were covered with names such as Arewee Deadyet and Otto B Alive. Costumed creatures participated in games of chance, a cake walk, bounced on a dinosaur or in a castle, watched Marshmallow Man from Ghost Buster while enjoying various treats. Scary screams emanated from The Haunted House, but the line waiting to enter just grew longer.

Cheryl held sway over the annual costume contest. This contest provided numerous and varied entries. It was a task to find winners from such fine contestants. Of course, there was also a Pumpkin Decorating Contest. The five judges worked hard to pick winners in all age groups, and they did a grand job.

Babies – Five
1st Place – Adrian Martinez, Toy Soldier
2nd Place – Adelyn Johnston, Candy Crush
3rd Place – Parker Jackson, Strawberry

Ages 6 – 10
1st Place – Quentin Cheek, Beetlejuice
2nd Place – Omni Cagle, The Refrigerator
3rd Place – Madison McDowell, Madison The Pirate Princess

Ages 10 – 14
1st Place – Mary Gianngros, The Dead Bride
2nd Place – Brittany Hennig, Bat Girl
3rd Place – Destaie Billiot, Broken Doll

Ages 15 – Adult
1st Place – The Wizard of Oz with Tim Braquet, Lisa Cockrell, Crystal Cockrell, Jaide Cockrell
2nd Place – Bobbey White as Queen of Hearts, Brooke White as Cheshire Cat, Brynn Fontenot as Alice in Wonderland
3rd Place – Damian Walker and Marin Walker as Pirate and Parrot

1ST Place – Kelsy Petitt
2nd Place – Sophie Clark
3rd Place – Lisa Cockrell

1ST Place – Crystal Beach Pirates by The S-Krewe
2nd Place – Pumpkin Patch and Corn Maze by The Two Sisters
3rd Place – Count Dracula by Neda Hopkins

Yes Siree! This year’s Halloween Carnival by The Big Store surpassed all the superb ones in the past. We can only wonder what they will come up with next year! Beware! Be very aware!

Thanks, Keith. This was the best Trunk or Treat ever!

Thanks, Keith. This was the best Trunk or Treat ever!

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6 Responses to “Monsters, Mayhem and Much Much More!”

  1. Jane Imperato says:

    I so wish I lived on Bolivar….this looked like a great event.

  2. Gerry Lang says:

    Big Store~ Big Thanks!
    Great volunteers and so much good Family Fun!
    Thanks Tom Osten & Linda Elissalde for the grand Press coverage!

  3. Peggy Rutledge says:

    Great pictures, Tom!! Thanks to Keith and All the Big Store employees and all the community volunteers who make this THE BEST Halloween Community event in the country!!!(just my opinion) Keeping our children safe and happy!!! WELL DONE.

  4. Linda C. Elissalde says:

    Tom, your pictures are great. They captured the essence of that wonderful Halloween event. Thank you.

  5. Bobbey White says:

    A great big thank you to Cheryl and her crew!! Thanks to Kieth for putting on such a TREAT!! We had a fabulous time!! Thank you Tom for recording it too!!

  6. Carlis Cole says:

    Thank you Big Store! Best Trunk or Treat Ever!

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