Morning Walk on Crystal Beach
by Linda Elissalde

Around 8 o’clock, or sometime there about,
The beach swept clean. The tide was out.
A walk felt right. All nature seemed fair
As our favorites, those Pelicans, took to the air.


Waves lapping songs as we moved along.
Dogs in water; Nothing can go wrong.
Sun peek-a-boos around shifting clouds.
Far from madding, disrupting, large crowds.


Searching for treasures hidden on shore.
Shells, glass, dark shark teeth and many more.
A lady sits serenely. Breeze from the west.
Man lifts coffee cup and smiles, “Morning is best.“


Memories drift back of times gone away
When we were so young with a lifetime to play.
Dad makes sure we are as safe as we wish
With mom, back in the cabin, frying potatoes and fish.


Black-eyed Susans wink atop every dune.
They might take a nap right around noon.
Candy Box houses with colors aglow.
Stand tall in sunlight row upon row.


Events in this world now with dreams broken apart;
Still envision a future where new hopes can start.
The wind sings a lyric of immeasurable peace,
A new world where wars and inequalities cease.


And, again you believe; It is written in Gulf wind.
Things that are broken also can mend.
To know good is possible and still within reach,
Take a walk in the morning along Crystal Beach.


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4 Responses to “Morning Walk on Crystal Beach
by Linda Elissalde

  1. Rhonda Tanner says:

    Loved this 🥰!

  2. joann crenshaw says:

    Thank you for that. In these times it’s nice to hear a word of hope.

  3. Klela Bentley says:

    Thanks Linda for reminding us how comforting the beach is.
    Beautiful prose.

  4. Brenda Beust Smith says:

    My morning smile — prose from Linda!

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