Never A Dull Moment

By Georgia Osten
They say change is good, I sure hope so. I’m also a believer in fate. So, when I found out about a job opening, and it seemed like the timing was appropriate, I jumped up and applied for the position. My interview was on a Friday morning. I supposed I wouldn’t hear anything until possibly the next week, so I sat back and told myself to not think about it. The rest of the weekend went by, crazy as all our weekends are, back to back events to check out, and I think we went into town for something to do with family, which is always a treat!

My cell phone had run out of battery, so I plugged it in Saturday evening. When I checked my messages on Sunday morning, I had received a call from the Friday morning interviewer on Friday evening. Holy Cow! If only I had answered the call on Friday night, my anxiety would have been unnecessary.

It was 7:30am on Sunday and I knew that was way too early to return the call, so I left a text saying “call when you get a chance.” Around 9am, the phone rang and it was him, offering me the position.

Wow! Now, after a week of sporadic training, going over whenever it was convenient for my predecessor and convenient with my current job, I’m still giddy. Is giddy the word, or is it just plain scared?

What was I thinking? It’s not like I’m some Spring Chicken for goodness sakes. I’ve been retired since 2011, and sat home for maybe a month. A position came up and I tried to talk my sister-in-law into applying. She was cleaning houses at the time. She hemmed and hawed about it, so I thought I might as well apply.

It’s been a good ride. I’ve met so many people, I’ve certainly kept busy, and I’ve loved having a place to go. There’s something about leaving the house that makes coming back home so lovely and welcoming.

I suppose the day will come when I won’t feel productive anymore, but that day’s not here yet. So, watch out, as Dolly would say, Here you come again.

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