No Masks Required

By Georgia Osten
I have no friends. I used to have friends … I’ll call them pre-Covid friends, hereinafter known as PCF’s. I never see aforementioned PCF’s. Then, one day, a PCF came to my office to see me. What a sight for sore eyes. She came into the office without a mask and we actually hugged. No fist or elbow bump, actually hugged.

Oh, I need to mention this. The other day, my boss yelled from his office to mine, Georgia, come over here. I, obligingly, rose from my desk to saunter over to his office. He was having a Covid test administered to him by one of our medics. He said, “you want to be tested?” What was I to say? If I said “no,” he might think I have it and didn’t want to reveal I had it, or he might think I was too scared to take the test? So, of course, I said, “sure, I’ll get tested.” I asked him “what if you have it?” He said, with a big smile on his face, “I’ll go into quarantine for 140 days.” So, I said if I had it I would too. He shot that down, throwing his rank and status around “no, only one of us at a time.”

So, our medic came over to my desk next with the prick test. Good thing, this was a prick and not the thing they stick up your nose and make you cry. I’ve been pricked before, my husband does it all the time for me to check my blood sugar. I’m not brave enough to prick myself, so he does it for me.

Anyway, after the prick and after waiting 10 minutes, I was only a one-liner, meaning I don’t have it and never have. Still susceptible though.

All this being said, my PCF invited me over to play Mexican Train one night this week along with a couple of other PCF’s. I’m so excited. Maybe this will be just the “turn around” we need. It’s going to take something like this to get us all out of our incubators and back into a normal existence, whatever the “New Normal” happens to be.

I’m happy school is starting soon. I realize there are a lot of decisions to be made, virtual or actual. I hope you make the right decisions and I hope you’re comfortable with the choices you make. I know my Grands are excited to get back to school, it’s been way too long.

To all my PCF’s, I miss you terribly.

Stay safe and stay healthy!


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