Dear Mom,
There have been 22 Mother’s Days since you passed away. I think of you and how we seemed to often disagree. You knew that I was definitely a “Daddy’s Girl”. He could do no wrong in my eyes, but you and I could tangle over such little events. I do not think that I ever really, really thanked you for all the good things that you did for me, and the things that you taught me. You were such a good cook. There were mornings when you made a whole pan of homemade biscuits for dad and me. I loved your sand tarts. One time you made a huge batch. All of them were just for me. I remember that you stayed up all night sometimes to sew me new clothes. Nothing bought ever fit. You could make them to fit the right way.

Your homemade chocolate cakes were the hit of every birthday party. Mine were always big birthday parties, thanks to you and dad. Cherry, cherry pie – oh so good. My favorite pie with homemade crust awaited whenever I came home after I moved to Houston.

Did I ever mention how proud I was of you? Probably not. You were so happy to be an educator. You and dad worked very hard to earn enough money to go to college. You made sure I did not have to worry about finances for schooling. I knew that you could teach any child, no matter how slow, to read. Of course, you could not teach me to tie my shoes or drive a car. Both trials ended poorly. You were a champion for Teachers’ Rights. Many a bus, car, or plane trip were made so you could stand on the Texas Capitol steps, speak to legislatures, and help gain better pay for all. We could use you now. School Districts invited Nola Mae (Jowell) Schmucker to speak at many an inservice.

Thank you notes! There was hardly time to open a gift before you handed me a card and pen to compose that note. AND, it had to be a written note, not typed or a card with a printed message. To this day I cannot sleep well until I have written my thank you messages – by hand. It is strange that I did not write many to you.

Marcel and I were once wandering around an area near Winnie where Grandma and Grandpa Schmucker once owned land. A gentleman stopped to ask if we needed help. I explained who I was. He replied, “Miss Jowell was you mother? She taught me in school. She was a really good teacher.”

Well, Mom, thanks for being an example of a really good teacher and a really great mom. I just wish I had written (by hand) a thank you note sooner.

Love, Linda Carole

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2 Responses to “NOLA MAE”

  1. Brenda Beust Smith says:

    Wow. All teared up. That was such a vivid picture of a wonderful family, especially the Mom.

  2. Linda,
    I love this! Beautifully written. I love Nola Mae. The great thing about our mothers is that they don’t really need a written thank you note. Your life, well lived in service to lots and lots of students, is your thank you to her. She is smiling down from heaven. Love you, my dear BFF❤️

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