Not Going My Way

cbyusBy Charlotte Byus
I first need to thank all my beautiful friends for the unbelievable and really good food they have brought to RR and me. Oh my, I am so fortunate to have such good friends and daughters. You people know who you are. I would mention your names, but other people would hurt themselves just to get your good meals. And I must say to my son-in-law Chris, he told Dianne to buy Pops a large package of paper plates, so it will be less for him to wash, Thank You. Then, the sweet friend who washed our clothes, folded and hung on hangers. Wow, we are so lucky to have such good friends.

I am writing this in segments because when you need orthopedics, the hand does not know what the foot needs. That is all I am saying. I was really sure and cocky about my appointment Monday because I knew my wrist was not that bad. Of course, I was correct, so full of it! The intern agreed with me and then the specialist doctor came in to survey the situation. He agreed with the intern, then he asked me about my severe arthritis shown on the x-ray, and while we are at this about your carpel tunnel. “No, that’s not what we need to talk about,” I said. He laughed, and said “how are you going to walk with a crutch for at least six months or more with a hand like this?” I just hate when those people get honest with you. OK, so I got this horrible shot in my hand and he sent me to rehab for a hand brace. Really!!!

Second appointment was with the foot-heel Doctor, you know the orthopedic surgeon. This man has been on vacation for three weeks and apparently he is really good and the world wants to wait and see only him. Who knew? Once again, I second guessed the prognosis you see, it really did not hurt that much. You know all those football players being carried off the field with a face that looks like they may die from the pain? So I knew I was not in that category and Pollyanna here was going to be just fine.

The Doctor and newbie came in and introductions were made and then we looked at the x-ray. I said it must not be too bad as there is very little pain except for the cramps I have while sleeping. He just smiled at me and then said, the reason it does not hurt is because the tendon is ripped completely off. UGH! Really!!! There are two things we can do, one – nothing, and two – repair the damage with a tendon in my big toe. You see, you have two tendons in your big toe just for this occasion. Then he said I need for you to stand up and walk across the room, so I did. That foot does not really work too well without that tendon, you can not push off a step. You would have had to be there to understand.

We discussed the situation and I guess I really don’t want to walk like a duck.

Well double Darn!

Have a great week.


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