Of Redfish, Crawfish, and Saving Fish Pass – We Helped Save Rollover

By Ed Snyder/Outdoors
Saturday, May 26, 2012. Rollover Pass, Bolivar Peninsula, TX.
GCA (Gilchrist Community Assn) 2nd Annual Memorial Day Crawfish Boil Fundraiser.

Purr-fect weather conditions drew record crowds to the Peninsula and beyond, with a steady influx of holiday goers swarming Rollover Pass (Fish Pass) and its sandy beaches where the crowds splashed in the surf and fished the pass.

Fishing rods weren’t the only thing bending from the bites of redfish, trout, and flounder, as anglers were also busy bending to the crawfish shuffle where they took advantage of GCA’s tasty crawfish boil.

This 2nd annual event was not only held to draw attention and funding to the GCA task of saving Rollover Pass, but also to familiarize its fishing public to the new rules and regulations set up to assist in keeping the pass open and clean for the publics enjoyment.

Located at each entry point are towering signs for the public’s interests of keeping this fifty eight year old popular facility free, clean, and open for all to enjoy.

Those signs read.

NOTICE; Rollover Pass Rules and Regulations for all Visitors

1. All Visitors required to register at the visitors station bulletin board, located at the ice machine platform.

2. You are responsible for the trash in the area you are fishing. Please clean up before fishing and when leaving. Absolutely NO household garbage permitted.

3. No Littering. No open fires. No parallel parking. No glass containers. No swimming. No solicitations or loud parties.

4. Do not throw fish or bait refuse on grounds. (TP&W Regulations)

5. Pets MUST be kept on a leash at all times.

6. No tents or motorized vehicles allowed between post or bulkheads.

7. No saving or reserving fishing spots, first come basis only.

8. Use of firearms or fireworks prohibited. (Galveston County Regulations)

9. Destruction of property not tolerated, charges will be filed.

10. Recreational vehicles: No dumping holding tanks into portable restrooms, or into the Pass

11. Overnight parking limited to 5 days per week. Any vehicle left on property after 7 days will be subject to being towed away at owner’s expense.

12. Anglers are limited to 2 rods per person-. Any rods left unattended will be collected.

Intentional violators of these rules will be asked to leave. Any refusal will be treated as criminal trespass. The authorities will be contacted immediately and you will be barred from the facility.

The 2nd Annual Event was a great success both as a fundraiser and for meting out updated information about the pass as well as signing up new GCA members and collecting donations that will be used to keep the pass clean and open for the public.

For more information about the Gilchrist Community Association or Rollover Pass fishing updates click to www.rolloverpasstexas.com or call Miss Nancy’s Bait Camp at 484-560-9323.

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