Oh to be 9 again

By Georgia Osten
Our little Michael – actually, his birthday is today, the 9th, as I’m writing this story. But, his birthday party was yesterday, on Sunday. He hasn’t been living in Texas for long, but managed to make so many friends, what with school, swimming and his neighborhood. This is a boy who will steal your heart in a matter of seconds. His Aunt and Uncle offered to have the party at their house – what more could a kid ask for? I mean, the pool, the trampoline and the tree house, it’s a virtual kid’s heaven!

We had 22 kids in all, and almost an adult/kid ratio with all the aunts, uncles and two sets of grands. We were constantly counting heads in the pool. We’d look from one to the other to compare – “yes, I counted 22.” Even the one who came with a cast on her arm. She couldn’t get in the pool, but made it clear she wasn’t going to be left out, the trampoline and the tree house were no challenge for her, and of course, she made her way through pizza and cupcakes along with the rest!

They were one tired bunch when it was all said and done. They headed home with all the gifts to shower, get ready for school the next day, and open all the presents. We’ve had two successful Birthday Parties, two weekends in a row – one a 70 year old and the other a 9 year old. PawPaw’s will be soon. He’ll really be beginning a new decade this year!

Blessed are we to have such a close and loving family – Party On!

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