Ole neighbors and good friends

cbyusBy Charlotte Byus
In August of 2008 we purchased our home on Boyt and met our neighbors two doors down. They are Larry and Debbie, Larry enjoyed spending more time at the beach house as Debbie was still working. So RR and I spent most of our free time aggravating Larry. Larry likes his quiet time, between us and our cats, he had to endure friendship and fur balls who refused to leave him alone. You see Larry said at the beginning, “I am not too fond of cats.” I think Millie must have heard him and understood. Because she made it her life commitment to get under his skin and in his lap whenever possible. One afternoon Larry left his house to do work of some-sort and Millie snuck in the door. When he came back inside, got a drink of water and to sit in his chair, who do you think was already resting there? LOL!

You get the picture, Debbie and I became good friends and I was very happy when she could join us for time at the beach. She and I would load up the golf cart and their little trailer with stuff and head for the beach. That meant RR and Larry had quiet time for working on whatever had gone wrong this week, you know, boat, lawn mower, and stuff.

Of course, dinner or lunch was always involved and a good game of cards afterward if the guys were not too full or tired. Lots of time was spent on one deck or the other for fireworks and solving the world’s problems. There was many an early morning fishing trip, I mean early, these two guys think nothing of getting up two hours before the sun is even coming up over Florida and heading out to attack fish! Larry used to say, “I’m mad at them!” I have never been that mad at anything to leave the house at 4am with coffee and egg sandwich in hand. We made RR close to sick with the smell of our egg sandwiches, RR would head to the other end of the boat with his coffee and sausage biscuit.

Both men were King of the Krewe at different years so there was always dances and parties to attend and we have spent many New Year Eves together. Between Debbie and I we have every color of boa’s there is, and we used them for every event we could think of, what goes best with black pants and top, well of course, a boa.

Every holiday in the summer our families would join us and we would prepare copious amounts of food for the two to three days. And then, not speak for several days, just to have peace and quiet. Then we would start over.

This 4th was no exception, Larry fried the best fish you have ever had, Debbie and I made pies and cakes and all the fixins in between. On full tummies we watched the fireworks from their deck with OOOO’s and Wooo’s at all the beauty.

Thanks for the memories!


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