One Fisherman’s Paradise

sonny_0Pearl Beach resident Sonny Wong can almost always be found spending his time fishing in the surf near barrel 88. Sonny and his wife Bobby own a home in the Houston area, but they spend as much time as possible on Bolivar. And much of that peninsula time for Sonny is spent in the surf, fishing and relaxing. As you cruise by, you’ll see his tackle laden golf cart waiting patiently as he fishes for hours in the perfect water conditions. Sonny usually comes back with a full stringer of fish, all varieties: from whiting to speckled trout and redfish. “I caught 40 whiting yesterday,” Sonny explains.


He doesn’t keep all of his catches. He throws back the small ones and large ones. He keeps the perfect-for-eating medium sized ones. He quickly tosses them on ice to preserve the freshness, and once home, cleans and filets them. Funny enough though, Sonny rarely eats the fish he catches. He hands out the ziploc full of filets to his friends and neighbors.


Sonny has been coming to Bolivar for over 25 years, and like many others, re-built after Hurricane Ike. And like everyone on the peninsula, he has his routine. A routine and way-of-life that makes him happy.

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  1. Linda C. Elissalde says:

    Yea, Sonny! You have always been generous with sharing your techniques and your catches.

    Linda C. Elissalde

  2. Hey stranger ….where are your golf clubs.

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