One Pot

cbyusBy Charlotte Byus
This past Saturday I put on a pot of beans and ham. I figured it would be the last time for a big bowl of beans and corn bread as summer is fast approaching. As you know we have two seasons, two weeks of too darn cold and 50 weeks of too darn hot. I knew I had one last package of dried grandma beans (small great northern), and one package of ham hocks. So get out the colander, put the beans in water and check for dirt and bad beans.

I decided to cook on the stove instead of the crock pot, so out came dutch oven pan, onions, chopping block and knives. In goes the onions to sauté, liquids, beans, ham and seasons. Put the lid on and head outside for fun in the sun.

It was a great day as Josh our first born came over to help with some chores on the house. With the wind here of late, a piece trim at the top had come undone. The more wind, the more it flapped! I must be honest, neither RR or I get on the roof any more as we do not bounce too good anymore.

While Josh was here he worked on several chores that were too high for us to fix. It was wonderful to see and visit with him. He and RR are going fishing on his next day off.

Back to One Pot, Beans are done and now it is time to make cornbread. Out come another pot, measuring cups and spoons, muffin pan and spray.

The beans and cornbread were great and of course we ate too much.

The whole point of this story is the amount of pots and dishes it took to make the One Pot Meal.


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