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cbyusBy Charlotte Byus
In my family it means share what you have with the younger generation so they too can share or hand down. In my family that means dishes, plants, furniture, that kind of stuff. When Robbie and I purchased our first home, my Aunt Winnie gave me her china she had purchased in Panama, Uncle Ernest was stationed there building the canal.

My Uncle Henry was a gardener and he shared his Rose of Sharron and daylilies. As time went by and we purchased our second home, I took all of this with us. I left some of the flowers for the next owner of our home. Next, Aunt Jackie & Uncle Henry gave us the dining room set that my Grandmother gave them, and more daylilies and cast iron plants. By the third move, I was beginning to be “Johnny Apple Seed of the Day Lily World.”

When we moved to the beach, the first thing I did was bring in yards of dirt for a flower bed to hold all my plants. Decorating the house was second to me, first came memories of my family. Did your family ever take home from a funeral a pot plant given in memory of a love one? Did you plant it and often look at it and talk to that person? Well I did and still do.

Now it is my turn. When we left our beach home, I gave plants, cuttings of plants, yard art and containers to friends and family. Once again we have moved, by now you know me, I have given plants to dear friends and brought a few with me. Day lilies and ferns and now empty pots. Oh boy, now that I think of it, the Garden Club of League City always has plants to give away. I am starting all over!

Have a great week.


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