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We are NOW excited to be able to award Scholarships to graduating Seniors who have participated in PSP whether it be as an Athlete, Volunteer at fundraisers, or helping with coaching and umpiring. All Graduates who played in our league received $100 and those who also volunteered their time for field help, fundraisers, etc. were gifted with extra depending on their contribution! This will be available to all graduating seniors in the future and is funded by our Annual Watermelon Crawl!

Congratulations to our 2022 Recipients:
Jesse Palmer $500
Laynee Barrow $500
Jordan Grubbs $250
Dade Brindley $100
Quentin Malinchalk $100

Thank you for all the PSP Sponsors and Fundraiser Participants who make it possible for us to provide the Athletic Programs AND NOW reward our graduating Seniors for their participation in our programs. We hope our gift will encourage the Recipients to stay involved with PSP as adults and be examples for the younger ones.

There will be an exciting day at the Sportspark in Bolivar on June 18. Form a team and enter or just come watch! This event is hosted by Todd Kahla, contact him with entries or questions 409-789-0289.

Our final announcement is one we take great pride in. PSP has been approached by Renee Fussell with Signature Services Realty Group and partnered with Litter Buggies to form the PSP LITTER LEAGUE! We are looking for volunteers to join us to help clean up our beaches with the assistance of the awesome remote control Litter Buggies after busy weekends and our first will be the Fourth of July Trash Bash sponsored by Randy & Hollie Martin of Ray’s Fireworks.

We will plan for every major holiday weekend and will seek volunteers and sponsors for each. This is an opportunity for the kids and families of Peninsula Sports Park to give back to the community as a Thank You for the community support we receive as well as get the kids involved with PSP and promoting healthy outdoor activity. For more info please follow the Peninsula Sports Park Fb page or contact Leslie Lowe 409-429-0980.


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