Precious Moments

By Georgia Osten
I’ve published another story several years ago with the same title. Reading it again, it would be appropriate for Mother’s Day, I talked a lot about my mother and a lot about my children. The only reason I found it again is because I did a search on Precious Moments. They’re little figures I think made popular by Hallmark.

My Mom, lovingly called Nana by all, passed away in 2003, a short time after her 82nd birthday. She was an only child, like her dad and like me. I broke the mold by having 3 children. At the time of her death, she had two great grands, Emma and Grant. I would always help her when it came time for birthday presents and at Christmastime. She heard about Precious Moments and found out they had a Birthday Train. They were pretty girly, so she decided that every year, she would get one for Emma, beginning with year 1.

Well, Emma was 4 when Nana died, but She remembered each year to get Emma the next train.

Her next great granddaughter, Addyson, came along 8 years later, of course Nana started up the train for Addyson. She never missed a year. Emma got her last one at age 16 (they only go to Age 16). All the rest of Nana’s great grands were boys, and these little trains were strictly for the girls.

What happened when Addyson turned 12? I have no idea? But, somehow, Nana forgot. I gave her a gentle reminder and she asked me if I would please order more through Amazon. Righto Mom, Train 12, 13 & 14 are expected to arrive this week.

I think Nana is having too much fun up there, she probably plays bridge every afternoon and I’m sure she and my dad enjoy a cocktail together in the evening while they sit on the beach with one another. Enjoy yourself Nana, we’ve got you covered!

Happy Mother’s Day!


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