Precious Moments

By Georgia Osten
Yesterday, early evening, we were sitting out on the deck having a glass of wine and enjoying looking out at the freshly mowed lawn, enjoying the lack of cars zooming down our street. All around the neighborhood, not a soul, it seemed like everyone had gone home early, all except for one neighbor over in the other subdivision. This is the neighbor who reckons himself a “kite flyer.” Well, he’s not a very accomplished “kite flyer” because usually he loses his kite on one of the electric lines, usually the one crossing the street to our house. On many occasions, we’ve called the electric company to ask them to come cut it down. They always tell us they can’t cut it down, then an electric truck will happen along and cut it down. Whatever the protocol is, I’m not sure.

Anyway, as we sit on the deck, conversation almost always switches to the kids, the grown up kids. We remark on how wonderful it is when they call and we’ve pretty much labelled each child as to what kind of caller they are. One is the obligatory caller, the one who calls every now and then to let us know he or she is fine. One is the just have to check in caller. This one just seems to need to reach out and hear your voice type caller. The third caller is very similar to the obligatory caller, but he/she will have a lot of information which is reeled off in record time, informative caller and you better reel off whatever is on your mind, before he/she has to end the call.

No matter which caller is calling, these are Precious Moments. We often remark to each other how our parents must have anticipated our reaching out to them. And, regrettably, we remark to each other why didn’t we reach out to them more often?

I’ll never forget the times Mom would stop by. It was always around 4:00 on a Saturday and Sunday, after her nap. This was when she was still driving so she could still get over to my house. We’d sit out on the porch in the back yard and share stories over our first glass of wine. These were Precious Moments.

Sometimes, we get a text from one of the grandkids, she loves to text and sometimes her Mom will let her call. Sometimes we get a text from the other granddaughter, the one in college – a thank you for a gift card we had sent, Starbucks or a fast food restaurant.

All calls/texts are appreciated and loved and reflected upon. All Precious Moments!

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4 Responses to “Precious Moments”

  1. rob says:

    can I have my kite back?

  2. Linda Elissalde says:

    Thanks Cutie #1

  3. Aw, Georgia,

    Precious Moments indeed! Would that I had called home more often to my wonderful parents. The calls were usually asking for money. However, they loved me anyway.

    I enjoyed your article.

    Linda C. Elissalde

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