Quiet Week

cbyusBy Charlotte Byus
We met our neighbors behind us last week, nice couple, he is a quiet man who worked for NASA for many years and she is an interpreter for NASA now. He is starting to have memory problems, but that does not stop him. When he introduced himself he said his name and his age, 80, and his wife said 9. We chatted for a while and he told us again his name and age and his wife said 9. Get it, he thinks he is 80 and she knows he is 89, cute couple. We exchanged names and phone numbers and she asked us to watch over their home for a week as they were traveling to California, as he was asked to attend the events celebrating Simi Valley. You see he incorporated the city years ago and this is where the Reagan Library is located. Boy, I just wish I had met him a few years ago, he has so much history to share.

For weeks we have tried to get together with Rene’ and family to have them over for dinner as a thank you for being such a help in getting us old people moved. Finally, Jason had a Saturday off so we made plans to eat and visit this past Saturday. Rene’ and I planned out the menu, most of it was done on the grill and she brought cheesy potatoes, I made slaw and chocolate pie, RR did ribs, chicken and bread on the pit. As for me, when you do not have an oven, you do stuff that can be made without baking, such as pre-pie crust and salad. We had such a nice visit, with Josh going off to school for a few weeks and Jon working as many hours as Jason does, it was a joy to visit.

Oh yes, last Tuesday RR and I finally made time to go see Downton Abbey the movie. What you need to know about this event is we very seldom go to the movies, as in years. But we made it before the movie went away, we went up to Webster Cinemark 18 and XD. Wow, we have for years gone to Galveston for movies, you need to take the trek up to Webster. All seats are recliners with cup holders and so comfy, to the point if the movie is boring you may begin to snore. Anyway, the movie was as good as the PBS series and on the large screen it was wonderful. Maybe I’ll get RR back to the theater sooner than later.

Have a great week.


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