Rainy Day

cbyusBy Charlotte Byus
I don’t know about you, but every rainy day I say I am going to do something productive. Most of the time that could be a nap or finishing a book I’m reading. One of my resolutions, I would try to slim down what is in cabinets or drawers. I have done “pretty” well. I do have a nice size bag for Second Going, but there is so much to do and or cull.

Charlotte Byus-Rainy DayWith that said, I gave away two lightweight Teflon cooking pans and turned right around and brought three of my heavy cooking pans in from storage. That is not the way to lessen the weight in this house on wheels. Then I worked on my closet. I put several pairs of shoes in that bag named above, except there was this sale. So two pair came home with me. That equates to zero! Then I headed to the cabinets in the bedroom, I did good, sorta, I got rid of the socks that did not have a match. I hope that counts, I normally keep them just in case of something. Then I started working on the pantry, I think I have made it worse. I just know there is a way to stop this craziness.

Charlotte Byus-Rainy DayThe last time I had this problem my friend Connie came over and brow beat me with the boxes, remember, 1 garbage, 1 giveaway, 1 put back. Hello Connie, what are you doing on a rainy day?

I do have a good book I am almost finished with and that pillow is looking really inviting right now.

Enjoy your rainy day your own way.
Be nice to each other and remember – clean out – clean out!


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