Rainy Days

cbyusBy Charlotte Byus
I’m sure by the time you read this our world will be dry or we have floated away. As Jon has said many times, “I’m Bored”!! There are just so many drawers, closets and cabinets you can rearrange or straighten. I agree with Georgia, lets take turns praying for rain, apparently some of us have a direct line with the man above.

Momma Kitty is not too happy with all this wet stuff either. You see she is spoiled rotten, she is not fond of soggy cat food. She much prefers crunchier nuggets and a dry bowl. Gravy is not her thing, you know a little rain mixed with nuggets. The worse thing for Momma is there is absolutely no place to put her bowl that does not get wet and she would rather go hungry than eat soggy. What have we created?

RR said I need to stop on this straightening of cabinets, he can not find anything. And I guess he is right but I am really bored and do not do too well sitting watching reruns. I also cleaned out and straightened the freezer yesterday. That added to the grocery list.

This mess also makes it a little difficult for grocery shopping and purchasing fuel. I have several lists started and then I remembered I need to make several dips for a party, so I started looking for something different instead of the stand-bys I usually make. Well, that adds to the list and/or another list. When I find something that looks interesting, I get out the printer and fuss with it just to print a page. Good Grief!

I think I will backstroke to the boat barn and find some paints or material and make a fall wreath. Oh yes, maybe a nap in the rain.

Have a great week, be nice to each other. Someone is watching.


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