Ready, Set, Go

By Georgia Osten
It was a balmy Sunday morning when I arrived at Fort Travis Park at the tip of Bolivar Peninsula for the first ever Bolivar Live Triathlon. I had to be in the park before the gates were locked, forbidden to traffic by 7:20 am. I walked from my parking space to the eastern tip of the park, where I could see the swimmers, heat by heat, entering the water for their .93 mile (1.5 kilometers) swim. They were over by the boat landing at the North Jetty. I had already missed seeing the Olympic competitors take off from the beach closest to the park where the dolphins were chasing the bait fish as they jumped out of the water.

After leaving the swim, the bikers set off on their 24.8 miles (40 kilometers) down Highway 87 to Crenshaw and back.

Noticing the bikers beginning to enter the park from the highway, I hurried over to the landing area where the bikers would file in according to their race number, place their bikes into their designated space and grab their bag, put on their shoes and head off for the run of 6.2 miles (10 kilometers).

Over 260 contestants entered, it was over in a flash, these are some serious athletes. Pro triathletes average this fete in about an hour and 49 minutes.


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