REMNANT Student Fellowship – Bake Sale

By Steve Arthur
It is amazing! What am I talking about, you ask? We had the best Thanksgiving bake sale ever! In fact the best make sale in our history! We made, just today in 5 hours, $1,700! And if you would include all the pre-sales, it would come up to $3,200! Eight students showed up and will enjoy over $212 apiece! THANK YOU TO ALL OF THE LADIES WHO WORKED SO HARD BUSTIN’ OUT THEIR COOKWARE TO BAKE ALL THOSE PIES! AND BANANA BREAD! WE BAKED OVER 135 PIES AND SOLD ALL BUT 4 OR 5 THEM! And those got donated to the ministerial Alliance Thanksgiving community service!

We are humbly thankful to all of the communities in the Bolivar Peninsula for helping us get closer to our goals so we are able to go on missions, camp, and other student events and conferences! We love you all for showing your support!


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  1. Steven Arthur says:

    I seem to have failed to include other students that were involved with the Thanksgiving pie sale. Some of them baked, as well as, where doing pre-sales on the pies. I just want to give them a shout out as well for all of their hard work to make all of this possible! Again thank you to all! May you have a blessed Thanksgiving!

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