Rollover Pass Report, Nov-9 thru Nov-15, 2015

By Ed Snyder/Outdoors
This past week witnessed a variety of quality fish caught from Rollover but the anglers expecting a major run of flounder were disappointed; problem is water temperature. The female saddle blankets won’t budge off the flats until the surface temp drops into the 50s for several days. Once that happens the long awaited flounder run of doormats (20-25 inchers) and saddle blankets (25+ inches) will occur. This predicted cold front coming in Monday night will HOPEFULLY drop the temps long enough to get the BIG GALS moving. All we can do is hope this happens; IF it does, COME AND GETTUM!!!

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Speckled Trout
Unusual but welcoming to the trout wranglers, some really nice gator-specks have been caught from 25 to 31 inches; also a good number of 20-plus inch trout have been caught.
(Limit: 15 inch minimum for 10 trout with only one 25 inch trout per day allowed as part of your daily limit)

Redfish (Red Drum)
Steady catches of slots and bulls.
(Limit: 20 inch minimum to 28 inch maximum for 3 reds per day – one over 28 inch allowed when properly tagged)

Black Drum
Steady action for slots and bulls.
(Limit: 14 inch minimum to 30 inch maximum for 5 fish per day with one OVER 52 inches allowed)

WAITING-WAITING-Waiting for colder surface temps.
(Limit: 14 inch minimum for 2 fish per day November limit)

Gafftop Catfish
(Limit: 14 inch minimum for no limit creel)

Surf and cut action for nice whiting; off and on for the bull croaker, but when they run anglers are taking fish from 12 to 15 inches .
(No Limits)

Very few sandies, gulf trout are a no-show.
(No Limits)

Blue Claw Crab
Plenty of blues in the cut.
(Limit: 5 inches between points with no berry crabs (females with eggs) allowed)

Stone Crabs
Very few.
(Limit: only right claw may be kept when 2-1/2 inches above first Knuckle)

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Tides for Rollover Pass, East Bay TX starting Nov 17, 2015.

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