Christmas is over – almost

By Georgia Osten
As I sit here at my computer, I can see out into the living room where the Nativity I bought at the Nutcracker Market is still in place. It’s attached to the time-set lights that come on around 6 every evening. So is the angel. She’s screwed into the beam running along the loft. Everything else is down, it all came down the weekend of Jan. 5th while the guys were still hunting. Christmas is packed away better than ever, very organized, very carefully wrapped in tissue paper and bubble wrap. We donated the last of the cribs, so there was extra room in the closet upstairs for ALL of Christmas!

Times are busy around here. We just did our first stint at The Big Store selling raffle tickets for the 2019 Texas Crab Fest Golf Cart. Everyone seemed so excited to see us out there again. I guess this marks the coming of Spring, then Summer. Where we were situated, the store blocked us from the north wind. Saturday was a bit warm, but a front came in Saturday night making our Sunday selling a bit frigid. We layered up quite well and it was quite bearable.

It was a record selling event! As I told you, folks seemed happy to see us out there again. It’s a beautiful cart, a Texas Custom Cart Extraordinaire! You’ll see it every weekend now until the Festival in May. We’ll be up at The Big Store, Stingaree and where ever there’s a crowd and event happening! Look for us in the Mardi Gras Parade in early March.

Our T-Shirt Design will be voted on this Thursday, January 17th, at 6:30 up at Jose’s Steakhouse. You’re all welcome to come vote, you can park in the back and enter through the rear of Jose’s. I’m neck deep in vendor applications, I’m so excited!

Our food vendors are pouring in – CRABS FOR ALL!

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