Saturday Morning

cbyusBy Charlotte Byus
I needed to head off Saturday morning to The Big Store and then to my friend, Laura’s, in Sandy Shores. I had called Laura first, you know – etiquette. Mom always said call before you show up at someone’s home. Laura asked if I would pick her up at Robin’s house then we would go back to her house. As I turned the corner toward Robin’s, I saw five lawn chairs facing the side of the garage with four people staring at the wood of the garage. Of course it was a science class. Well, your imagination can go from there. The ladies and Chris were vividly watching the bottle brushes and the side of the garage. I finally got out of my truck to see what these crazy people were doing. My first thought was that they had been here since last night’s happy hour. Then Laura stood up and I knew that thought was incorrect.

Finally they coerced me into joining them. I finally concentrated on the side of the wall, and lo and behold a miracle was happening right before my eyes. Robin has butterfly bushes and flowers all over her yard and there were the caterpillars turning into cocoons. Of course, I had to take one of the chairs to watch this miracle. The green cocoon is a chrysalis. I have no idea how said caterpillars do this but it is beautiful if you just stop for a minute and watch.

Thank you four for allowing me to join you for the science project. And, of course, a little more.


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