Scouts setting the benchmark

A group of Boy Scouts from Pack 678 in League City camped out at Brint’s big red barn last weekend. The scouts came to the beach to complete the requirements for a merit badge in Surveying. After lunch on Saturday, the boys met with Sid Bouse and Brene Addison from Coastal Surveyors. Sid and Brene spent an hour or so with the scouts teaching them about the history and the science behind surveying. The boys picked it up quickly, then all went outside and learned how to use different surveying equipment. Markers were set up for the boys to map out and practice taking measurements. After they finished gathering field notes, they went back inside and plotted out the data. Every one of them got it right. The youngest one was eleven – a testament to Sid’s and Brene’s teaching ability and patience.

Sid and Brene from Coastal Surveyors taught the boys how to use the surveying equipment

Scouts from Pack 678 using the surveying equipment

After this exercise, Sid suggested they go ahead and set the benchmark for the Lone Survivor Retreat, a beautiful facility to be constructed in Crystal Beach. The boys were all on board, so they went back out in the cold and set the benchmark. It was truly a great way to start the LSF project. Sid and Brene were outstanding with the boys and everyone involved had a great time.

The scouts standing by the benchmark for the Lone Survivor Foundation Retreat (L-R Andrew Lyles, Stephen Papaleo, John Ferrell, Austin and Jackson Byrom, Jordan Morrison, Paul Skierski)

About the Lone Star Foundation (LSF) Retreat facility in Crystal Beach
LSF conducts retreats throughout the year with a focus on wellness and therapeutic support for military veterans suffering from combat stress. The beautiful facility in Crystal Beach will provide private accommodations for up to 32 people that will allow the LSF team to run short and medium-term retreats tailored to the unique outdoor support LSF provides.
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  1. Lori Tomlinson says:

    Crystal Beach is incredibly fortunate to have corporate citizen like the Byrom’s and Brint Construction. They freely give of their time and resources to the Crystal Beach community.

    Thank you!

  2. Ed Snyder says:

    my proudest moments was spent with the scouts– they taught me how to be thoughtful,respectful and selfless through life- scouts honor became “Always Faithful” (Semper-Fi) in my later years- A great combination for the building blocks of life- I HIGHLY RECOMMEND anyone to join the scouts in their early years- In this day and age we sorely need more scout minded people to take the helm of leadership for this country-

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