See y’all next year at TEXAS FROG FEST!!!!

To the SOLDIERS who sleep under their Humvees, while the sandstorms damage every inch of exposed skin, eat MRE’s 3 times per day, ration their toilet paper, live in barracks constructed of plywood (can you imagine what they smell like?) all while trying to not get blown to bits, I apologize for this American. It is because of the SOLDIERS that they are able to work in a free commerce country, earn lots of money, build a home at the beach and own an 80 pound lab with digestive tract issues. We raised a ton of money yesterday. It will be used to improve the daily lives of VETERANS who are struggling to deal with what they experienced while they fought for this American’s right to free speech, among all the other rights she evidently takes for granted. The residents were inconvenienced for 2 days. It was loud, there were crowds. We had 8″ of rain on Wednesday and it trashed our dedicated parking in front of the venue. Peninsula residents STEPPED UP and gave us permission to use their property, FREE OF CHARGE, to handle the parking issue. We are forever grateful for the incredible kindness shown by these folks! (Michael & Denise Lange)

[The above is in response to the following post in the Yahoo-Bolivar Peninsula Group]

Texas Frog Fest is a great idea, great cause, great lineup, but terrible location. It is right in the middle of a residential neighborhood. We could hear them clearly a mile away (and I have to admit it was really good music, just too loud for a neighborhood). I feel sorry for the beachfront people right next to them. The advertised location of 200 Hwy 87 is NOT where they set up. There was so much traffic on Boyt Rd yesterday, it was dangerous to walk the dog. Property owners had to put up temporary fencing to keep people from parking on their lots. One concert-goer even threatened to drive right over a temporary fence. Not cool. To top it off, we caught someone trying to use pallets to create a walk over on the dunes. Those dunes have fought damn hard to come back since Ike and do not need the stress. Thankfully TPWD was there and shut that down at least while we were there.

If the organizers see this, please move it to a more commercial location and we will support you fully. Loud noises make my dog nervous, and when she is nervous she farts. A lot. Did I mention she is an 80 pound Lab? You can imagine what my house smelled like yesterday. Please, please, please, not again.

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8 Responses to “See y’all next year at TEXAS FROG FEST!!!!”

  1. DBO says:

    If that all our vets had to put up with was gas from a dog they would not be so wounded! Our country needs to step up and care for these men and women who have fought so desperately for our country!
    Can’t wait for the next Frog Fest and the benefits we can provide for them. It takes us all working together for the vets and their families for healing!

  2. gary rholes says:

    Good grief .So insulting to our veterans. Let our country deal with Putin while you whine about pooting

  3. debby ward says:

    Really! Maybe this person should stay at home next year. Or go somewhere else. I can think of a few places to go.

  4. Lynn Mullins says:

    I had a great time! Thanks to all who came together to put this on. I was in one of the beachfront rental cabins – “Free Breeze” and thoroghly enjoyed being able to hear the music when I stepped out on the deck. (It wasn’t so loud that you heard it inside the cabin over the regular TV noise.) I can’t wait until next year to do this again!! God Bless our Vets…

  5. Donna Broussard says:

    It saddens me when people can’t see through their own selfishness. Instead of sitting on the sidelines griping – try embracing the wounded warriors and their families that this retreat will benefit. If you had seen the film clips we saw showing the healing and hope these warriors and their families are getting thru the Lonestar Foundation – I promise it would change your heart. Were things perfect – no. But it was an AWESOME weekend!! It was wonderful to see lots of friends, hear great music, and see the people of Bolivar all pull together to pull this event off. So thank you to he committee and to all the volunteers for putting his great event on. We can’t wait until next year!!

  6. Carlis Cole says:

    Oh get a grip, whomever you are? One weekend out of the year, really! You should be ashamed of yourself! And by the way, I am proud to give my name, probably best we don’t know yours! The sister of a now deceased decorated Vietnam Nam hero, Carlis Danna Cole ( Top Gun for Texas Frog Festival 2014).

  7. RUSTEDWOOD says:

    To Michael, Denise, and all of the volunteers who worked so hard to put this all together…THANK YOU!

    We appreciate all of the hard work for our veterans. The sacrifices they made are immeasurable.

    To the lab owner: Do you need some cheese to go with that whine?

  8. MMB says:


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