Sell Out

By Kelly Moad
The famous Texas born Whataburger sold out to a Chicago investment firm, causing an uproar around Texas and surrounding areas. Though the fast-food chain claims everything will remain Texan as we know and love, fans are still upset and taking to Twitter to support Houston Texans’ JJ Watt and Texas governor Greg Abbott to “Buy Back Whataburger!” Texas is a proud state, to say the least. Texans fly the flag high and wear the gear proudly, here at home and abroad. Chicago can buy up pieces of Texas little-by-little, but you can’t take the Texas out of Whataburger!

Moving back HOME to Texas has been an adventure thus far…and it’s only been two weeks. We were greeted by family and friends, beaches and swimming pools, the heat and the almighty Texas thunderstorms. Our second day home led us to pick up some much desired burgers, fries, and ketchup…from none other than Whataburger! The kids are hooked already. We’ve been at least 5 times now (in two weeks…but who’s counting?). I’m happy and proud that they appreciate my favorite fast-food burgers as much as me. Eventually I’ll share my stories of late-night Whataburger stops with them. They don’t need to know just yet how good the burgers, fries, and taquitos taste at 2 am.

Maybe Whataburger should have consulted Texans before making such a bold move.


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  1. Robert Newsome says:

    BAD move whataburger. Was one of last good places to grab a burger

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