Pictured are three of our Local Artists with an outdoor house-name sign made for a home here in Crystal Beach (click on image for larger view). Mary Mitchell, Susan Beck and Patty Hagstrom have pooled their talents to come up with a unique new business concept. Each sign is made to order for each customer and is an original piece of Art. “With custom Colors, custom Design, and custom Name,” says Patty, “you canʼt be any more one of a kind than that!”

Their new business name is called “Signscapes,” and they may be reached at 409-684-6111. This sign is currently on display at Tropical Accents here in Crystal Beach.

(Crystal Beach Local News ran a 3-part series lately about the unique and varied home names on Bolivar. This may give you some ideas. CLICK HERE).

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  1. Lanette Pacheco says:

    Those are nice. I have a print I bought from Patty at the Crabfest in ’08. She is a talented lady.

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