Sleepy Little Beach Town

nap-0What’s in a nap? That is the question. From a tired parent’s restoration of sanity while their little one snoozes mid-day, to an adult catching some zzz’s in the afternoon in order to make it past Wheel of Fortune each evening. Naps vary through the age groups. Like most things in life, naps seem to come full circle. Napping is key to restoring mood, energy, and focus. But the tricky part is the timing. Though the benefits are great, the drawbacks can be daunting if you encounter sleeping inertia when you feel groggy and disorientated after waking, or experience night sleeping problems from a too-long nap.

Twenty minutes is all you really need to reap the positive benefits of a nap, including alertness and better performance. Napping from 30-60 minutes is the danger zone. In this time you’ll have entered a deeper sleep stage making it harder to come back out without feeling just as tired, or more than before. However, if your time allows you to nap for 90 minutes, you’re in for a great snooze. You’ll have completed a full sleep cycle, into the deep and back up again feeling refreshed and ready to hit the ground running.


And in this sleepy little beach town, nappers prevail. The slow pace of life for the many semi-retired folks makes way for all the nap testing every day will allow. Might as well test out the longer 90 minute naps as often as possible…there are many great shows still to see after Jeopardy and Wheel of Fortune.

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