So Long My Friend

cbyusBy Charlotte Byus
For many years RR and I have been friends with a couple that have two houses. One in California and one here in Crystal Beach. We have played scrabble, Mexican Trail, cards and had many a good dinner or lunch together. We have been through the good and the bad together. She has taken me to the doctor and visa versa. We have sat with John at UTMB imaging for hours. We have taken them to the airport for their travels to family in California. I must say I was privileged enough to share the last ride with John to see their family. I gave him a big hug and kiss and said “peace be with you.” I received the biggest smile and hug back. I will never forget that smile or the beautiful voice each Saturday or Sunday for church.

When John passed, Kae made up her mind to keep the house in the West. Darn! But all of us friends understood, this was John’s home. She has been working for over a year putting things to right and has finally made the last packing of the bags and pictures.

I went over the other day to help her clear her mind. When you are in the final stages of closing a house down it gets a little crazy. We went through every cabinet, drawer, and shelf, if you know this lady, she is truly stubborn. We had great discussions and great laughter. In the end my truck was full and her car was way too full. We had our last lap around the pool, hugs and tears of good bye.

A Dear Friend to many of us, we will miss you and your unique sense of humor. Stay close to those who love you and enjoy your new life.


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  1. K says:

    I made it safely to California and I am settled in. The garage is so full of boxes that we can’t get a car in it. There are so many people that I did not get to say goodbye to and I regret that. We had a good time at the beach and it holds many wonderful memories but it was time to move on and be near my family. Now I just hope that the beach house cells quickly because it’s sad to think of it sitting empty and not being enjoyed by another family. Farewell

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