So there I was

By Georgia Osten
Another day in Pearland, Father’s Day, what a treat. We had hamburgers and hotdogs with two of the kids and 5 out of 8 of the grandkids. There’s a swimming pool, enough said! Addyson and Pierce played for at least 3 hours in the pool. PawPaw joined in the fun, he can’t help himself, the biggest kid of all. Time to head home, Grandma decided to drive. It’s okay, Grandma knows how to control that automobile, she’s been busted way too many times on I-45.

It was a nice ferry ride home, drove right on, go figure. On a Sunday, there was no traffic on either side. Everyone blamed the lack of traffic/visitors on all the rain we were supposed to get. We exited the ferry and there I Was, driving along 87, I think I was just past the school, going less than 65, the DPS heading toward me, decides to make a u-turn and coming for me. Are you kidding me??? He turns the lights on and I pulled over to the side. I’m “cop bait.” No doubt.

We start searching for the insurance card, the one my husband laminates so nicely, we keep it in the console. Well, guess what? It’s not effective until June 19th, we were stopped on the 17th. He said, “no problem, I’ll look it up.”

I can’t get my license out of my new wallet, it’s stuck tight. We had that same problem 2 weeks earlier when we were at the airport to pick up our granddaughter. I asked for scissors to cut it out, no problem, we finally removed it from the wallet. Anyway, the police officer wrote down the license number, he was very accommodating. When he came back to the car, he told me this was just a warning, Thank Goodness! It’s only been a month or so that I did my Defensive Driving for two tickets.

He said police are focusing mainly on children at this time, he had noticed our child in the car seat in the back seat. He told me the focus on children was due to so many children being abducted, child trafficking, etc. I visibly cringed. He asked her name, which, so flustered, I answered “Allison.” Then, I said, “I mean Addyson.” Well Geez! I proceed to tell him she’s our granddaughter from North Carolina. I rolled down the back window so he could talk to her. He asked for her birthday and the spelling of her name “Addyson” not “Allison.” Geez!

He went back to his car to check out our testimony. Thank goodness, we passed the test! Off we drove home, just a warning. We wished him a Happy Father’s Day, and I wish all you amazing Dads a Happy Father’s Day as well.

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  1. Mark Hunstiger says:

    My advice to you after your last I-45 ticket was to use your cruise control. You know, cruise control works on Hwy. 87 too!


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