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By Georgia Osten
It’s really hard to believe another year has gone by. Here I sit looking at the Christmas Tree and wishing I didn’t have to pack it all up and put everything away. I think we went without putting the tree up for two years because we didn’t stay home. I’m convinced I will always put it up from now on, whether we intend to stay home or not. I enjoy it too much.

A co-worker asked me today if I had a New Year’s Resolution, and surprisingly, I do not. I asked him if he did. His answer was to be more humble. He said he failed miserably at it last year, so he was going to give it another try. I chuckled out loud. I haven’t known him that long, but I can recognize his confidence and leadership, and his “gift of gab.” If you’ve got it, flaunt it!

My first idea of a resolution is to resolve to go to the gym as often as possible. Now, that’s a reality you can really make happen. Just think how much healthier you would become. On the other hand, on the emotional and heartfelt side, Spirit and Mind, I suppose I could try to be kinder and more forgiving, a lot less critical of others. It’s a challenge lately to bite my tongue and just listen to those around me. Those who are not as self assured, confused and maybe baffled. It’s a challenge to not give my own opinions, but just listen. It’s not necessary to offer solutions, just listen.

There is a certain amount of peace when you refuse to commit to negative feelings and opinions. It’s a feeling deep within, it’s cleansing. I’m going to keep trying.

So, here’s wishing you all a happy and meaningful new year full of good tidings.

GO’s Sand Bucket is only one beach bum’s journal of life at the beach, probably something each of you can relate to. Please feel free to email me with your thoughts, visions and/or feelings of just exactly what the beach means to you. Email: rubyreddog4030@yahoo.com


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