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cbyusBy Charlotte Byus
I don’t do this well! But you need to know it is really not a big deal. I am a paper person and a calendar person. This goes back to working days when all of us had a daily or weekly calendar on our desk. This was how we lived from meetings to budgets for the New Year. I have never given up the calendar and on my last day, I may put a mark on the page too.

My working world has always been January to December, thank goodness. I have always used our family calendar that Dianne makes for us as part of our Christmas present. This year, on the first day of January, down in the ditch I went, and Home Health came to assist me. They brought with them a new planner, I know they did not mean for this planner to be used as I do today. They wanted it to be used as everyday physical daily work-out reminders. Sure! That lasted for six months, well maybe five.

In early September, I turned the page to December to write a day reminder, but there was no December. Who tore out my December?!? Ok, back up, I know it must be here. Start over, page by page I tried to find December, nope not happening. Panic, I find another paper calendar, thank goodness for Dianne’s present I can write on paper again.

I head out to find a new calendar, silly me, it’s the end of September. Nope not out there, you can find an April to March calendar, what good is that when you are in October? You know several friends have reminded me to use my phone calendar, so not happening. Paper is King.

So the end of this story is truly funny and I may need some professional assistance. On my very small table, I have three calendars out for my reminders.

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