Fire Prevention Week is upon us. Crenshaw School had members of the Port Bolivar Volunteer Fire Department visit the school to explain the importance of fire safety. All students from Pre-K through 5th grade ventured out to the parking lot for the show and explanation. The PBVFD brought a fire engine and various pieces of fire fighting equipment to show the students. Fire Chief Malcolm Comeaux talked to the students about what to do in case of a fire and demonstrated the use of the tools and equipment used to fight a fire. Several students inquired about the operation of the fire truck and the fire fighters demonstrated the power of the water flow from the truck. A huge stream of water was sent across the highway. To the delight of the youngsters, the mist from the water stream settled over the highway to reveal a rainbow. Thank you to our brave fire fighters everywhere.

In honor of Fire Prevention Week, Crenshaw school held a poster contest. All students participated and the posters were displayed along the main hall in the school.

Poster Contest Winners
First Place: Carlee Blume
Second Place: Jaelyn White
Third Place: Alannah Rodriguez
Honorable Mention: Anthony Tovar, Malachi Jones, Aiden Melton

1st & 2nd Grade
First Place: Amber Olsen
Second Place: Everett Angstead
Third Place: Richard Perez
Honorable Mention: Aiden Vaughn, Evan Comeaux, Trenton Hammond

3rd & 4th Grade
First Place: Sarah Perez
Second Place: Abbie Campbell
Third Place: Elizabeth Bradshaw
Honorable Mention: Katie Bagly, Camilia Gutirrez, Maritza Botello

5th & 6th Grade
First Place: Carol Guevara
Second Place: Cely Ortiz
Third Place: Shawn Wallace
Honorable Mention: Landry Fullen, Jon Doroteo, Lillian Daily

7th & 8th Grade
First Place: Ryan McClelland
Second Place: Analiz Castillo
Third Place: Gus Angstead
Honorable Mention: Breanna Browning, Freddy Ortiz, Jack Blume Jr


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