Stranger Things Have Happened

By Georgia Osten
Well, maybe not…I met my 17 year old grandson at his doctor’s appointment today, the Rheumatologist. Really, 17 years old! He happened to be the youngest person there. Geez, for that matter, I think I was the second youngest person there. Anyway, the reason I had to be there was because I was an adult. Yes folks, I can represent “an adult” when I’m called upon. As it turns out, Grant’s parents are working on Disaster Relief in Florida as we speak. They’ve been there for almost a week now, feeding and assisting those affected by Hurricane Michael. Check it out if you have a minute are angels among us. Just sayin’.

Warning: This is a hodgepodge of stuff that’s come to mind.
Anyway, I wasn’t home all day today, so my husband went to the PO. He left my mail on my desk, so when I come home, believe it or not, there’s a Christmas Card – Return to Sender. Are you kidding, it took this Christmas card over 10 months to come back to me? Granted it was mailed from N. Carolina, but with a Houston address mailed from a Crystal Beach address. Believe me, I’m going to let the recipient know I did indeed mail her a Christmas card!

I went to Bed Bath & Beyond today while I was in town. I have to admit I have a fixation on sheets. I was going to call it a fetish, but fetish doesn’t have a very nice meaning. Anyway, I had to buy a set of sheets for one of the kids – No, it isn’t a Christmas present, it’s just a gift.

So, while I was at BB&B, there was this most amazing arrangement of Poo-Pourri. I’m sure you’ve heard of it. I thought it would be cute to have a spray bottle in each bathroom. Lavender-Vanilla – So Silly!

Another surprise when I got home – My new clock by my bed! My old one is going to Second Going, ‘cause it’s still “going.” “Thanks,” I said to my husband. He said, “It’s got BIG numbers.” Wow, what loving sentiment.

So, guess what else? This Saturday, the washer let me down again. It’s about every 10 loads or so, it gets too tired to spin out all the water. Well, this time, I said, “Done.” I looked at Home Depot and then, I looked at Lowe’s. I ordered another washer – a Maytag (because their repair people “don’t have anything to do”). DELIVERED Sunday! Done and Done!

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