Strictly for the Birds!

By Linda Elissalde
Bolivar Peninsula Cultural Foundation (BPCF) hosted a Birding Event at Smith Oaks Rookery on April 25, 2023. Members treated the group to wine, beer, cheese and crackers. Famed biologist Winnie Burkett spoke to an enchanted group of 35 people. She detailed how High Island was formed, explained the rookery and Houston Audubon’s hand in securing land for birds.

Winnie Burkett has a special interest in ornithology. Mrs. Burkett served as Houston Audubon Society’s Vice President of sanctuaries and coastal sanctuary manager. Among her many accomplishments are supervising development of Smith Point hawk watch tower, protection of nesting terns on Bolivar Flats, management of High Island sanctuary and continually working to keep a huge variety of birds safe. Winnie led the group on a tour of the Rookery. She answered questions and shared names of birds with all. Everyone totally enjoyed their fun, informative adventure.

High Island is listed as one of the top 10 places in the world for birding. In addition to enjoying the bird action at Smith Oaks, you can meet people from other parts of the United States and overseas. Even if you are not an ornithologist, a trip to Smith Oaks Rookery in High Island, Texas is worth a visit.


[LCE: May-2-2023]

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