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By Kelly Moad
I can remember it clearly. I’m sure my parents can too. I was 3 hours away from home attending college, it was a Sunday (or a Tuesday, or Friday, or any old day, it didn’t matter) afternoon and I was making my calls back home to say Hi to Mom and Dad. Slightly nervous on my end, but then again, not really, because they *always* said Yes. My voice a little more high-pitched and cute-little-girl sounding, “Hi Dad. How are you?” He’d return some ‘Dad’ conversation until the line finally went quiet with no more updates from either end. “So, I’d really like to go to dinner with my friends and then I ‘need’ these new jeans for ….” You get the idea. I was asking for more money to be transferred into my account because my allotment ran short, yet again.

Don’t get me wrong. My parents supported me more than any kid should have been supported while off to college. But I always managed to run my account dry before the next month. And every time, I’d hang up the phone with a huge smile because, yet again, I got my way. Sidenote: one time I got caught. I called Dad and hung up with a smile. And then called Mom and hung up with a smile. I had conned them both, separately, into transferring more money. I guess I wasn’t smart enough *yet* to realize…parents talk to each other. But guess who still won? Yep! Me. The transfers were BOTH complete.

Tis’ the season to be sending your college kiddos back to school. But being a student has its perks. Discounts, both online and in stores, are prevalent these days. Don’t pay a bill without asking for a student discount first. Check out these helpful discount sites. And when your kiddo calls, brace yourself and wait for the silence. Might as well log in to your bank account while chatting with your college kid, anxiously awaiting the amount they “need”.

The 8 Best Student Discount Programs
and 50+ Student Discounts

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