Summer is in full swing

By Georgia Osten
Vacationers are flocking to the beach in between closures, hurricanes and tropical storms. We’re flocking to our beach whenever we have company. It’s a lot of fun to go down there to set up IF we get there early. Always, our plan is to get as close to our beach entrance as possible, so the earlier the better. It’s inevitable that someone forgot something, so the golf cart buzzes back and forth to the house numerous times. It can be anything from another boogie board, to “where’s the Frisbee?”, to not enough beer, somebody’s sunglasses, somebody’s cap, you name it! By the time it’s time to come home, there’s usually enough room in the trailer we pull behind the old Toyota truck.

The kids get lost in digging holes and building sand castles. Lately, they’ve taken to collecting hermit crabs, there’s plenty of those out there. When they bring them ashore, they build elaborate accommodations for them with plenty of water and treats. They name them and bring them out to show them around. It tickles when they crawl out on your hands.

I’ll bet they’re happy when it’s time for us to leave the beach to come home. They always get put back in the water into their natural habitat.
Soon, school will begin again. Who knows what the school year will bring? Parents now have a choice of virtual or actual school. Personally, if I were a school age kid, I’d be dying to go back to school! Even if I had school age kids, I’d be dying for them to go back to school.

Enjoy the rest of your summer. Before you know it, it’ll be Fall, the crowds will dwindle and we’ll have the beach to ourselves once more.


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