Summer Time

cbyusBy Charlotte Byus
Today I met Rene’, our baby girl, her son, Jon and Vickie, RR’s sister, at the cruise terminal to give them prizes and to pick up 5 1/2 dozen eggs. Why? Well you see it is apparently that time of the year when chickens lay eggs a lot. She did not want to leave them at home so they would go bad. The two left at home, Jason and Josh, like eggs but the little girl chickens lay about 5 to 7 a day and that is enough for them.

I think I have told you that Rene’ got started on cruises when we celebrated our 50 anniversary. She, Jon and Josh went with us, and she had been cruising at least twice a year every since. We made it to gold this year on Carnival but so did she. She and Vickie are cruising buds and any time there is a bargain on a cruise off they go.

RR and I have spent this summer wishing guests a great cruise two to three times a week and I think we may be through with our cruising time. I really thought when school started, the children cruising would slow down. Not true, I guess many are home schooled. Just a question here, how do children develop social skills who are home schooled?

This summer has been way too hot for even me and I love summer. Sweat really doesn’t bother me too much as long as I have a sweat band or really big brimmed straw hat. But this year it has really bothered me, you don’t think it has anything to do with my age, do you? Oh well, don’t answer that.

I understand that dove season is coming up. Don’t you think the birds will be hiding in trees in this heat? Our son-in-law is an avid bird hunter and has great plans for several trips, where he is going is in the hundreds now. Not me. Standing out in snake infested tall grass, dripping sweat, and trying to see through glazed over eyes with sweat running down – Nope! At some point a sweat band is only so good.

Well I have rambled on enough for this week. Ya’ll stay cool and drink lots of liquids. Notice, I did not say just water.


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