Summer’s Winding Down

By Georgia Osten
It won’t be long before we have our last big weekend – Labor Day Weekend! School is beginning soon, I know some Houston schools are starting this week. I don’t have a clue when GISD is starting, but before you know it, the school buses will be creeping down our highway and the school zone lights will be flashing. I guess we were a little late with the swimming pool, but there will be plenty more bright, hot, sunshiny days left for the year. Perhaps we can take a dip after Thanksgiving dinner.

The deck took on shape this past weekend. My husband dug the holes for the posts and our youngest daughter, Kelly, helped with the leveling of each one. Then, our son-in-law, Paul, the one married to the oldest daughter, came in bright and early Saturday to help build the deck. The two of them worked non-stop. They were screwing in the boards just as quickly as PawPaw could slap on another board. Once the deck was done, the balusters began to go up.

Three of the grands, along with two neighborhood kids swam and swam, totally entertained and out of the way.

And me, what did I do? Well, I made sure everyone had water and Gatorades and lunch and even took the grands on a trip to the water slide.

Sunday ended rather bittersweet. We all gathered at Leigh and Paul’s house in League City where we wished our oldest grandson farewell. The family will move him to Colorado this week for his first year at Colorado School of Mines. His sister will return to Baylor as a Junior this year. Where has the time gone?

Pictured below are the two college kids and another picture of the whole shebang.

My Cup Runneth Over

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