Summertime Has Kicked In

By Georgia Osten
I guess Spring Break was the beginning of Summer for our little beach community. Since Spring Breakers never returned to school, it’s just been non-stop since March. Our family has been non-stop as well, but I’ll never tire of their visits. We have back-to-back birthdays in May and June anyway, so there are plenty of opportunities to get together.

We have several die-hard beach kids in the family. It seems everyone loves the water and sun. We’ve even recruited some in-laws, turned them around so to speak. The little ones amaze me though. They are constantly playing in the water. And now that we have a pool, they can enjoy hours of fun playing, swimming, jumping and diving into the pool.

Our 6 year old grandson asked me the other day, “Nana, is today an outside day?” I told him EVERYDAY at the beach is an outside day. Appetites are increased, naps are more welcome and bedtime is easy peasy. Bath time is a breeze these days. The Littles prefer showers, so before we go inside after beach time, we hit the outdoor shower, wet them down and suds them up, rinse and repeat until they’re all done. Hand them a towel and send them upstairs.

I’m loving they’re getting so much easier, but they still need to be watched constantly. Fisher has figured out all the locks now, he can even get himself out of his car seat – Oh Dear! The other day, he asked “where’s the key” as he fiddled around with the gate from the deck to the pool. Daddy’s already taken off all the childproof locks on the cabinets and doors at their house. Why bother??

Loving these Summers with the kiddos, I hope we’re creating some good memories. Enjoying all the good times while we can – It’s the Fountain of Youth!


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