By Georgia Osten
And the living is easy …
Well, sometimes, but I’m in my element when there’s a load of wash to do at least once a day. This past weekend was the best. We got The Littles on Thursday late afternoon, just in time for dinner and a bath. The pack n’plays were in place, the blackout curtains up and the room was cooled off, with two fans set just especially to block out noise. We dressed them in their onesies cuddly long-sleeved, long-legged jammies and they were out like a light by 8 pm. Each year, they get a little easier, they’re two (and a month) now.

Friday, I went to work, but PawPaw took them to the Ground Breaking at the Eagles with him. They were a hit, many people knew them already and, of course, were eager to help take care of them while PawPaw took pictures of the crowd.

They picked me up at 3 to go to our closing of new property, the lot behind us. No offense, but when property comes available around us, we (the neighbors) need to jump on it before another RV goes in. It’s just one of those things, trying to keep the property value up.

Saturday comes around, and our other precious crowd showed up. It’s our North Carolina folks, relocated back to Texas where they belong. Our youngest and her three, Addyson (11), Michael (8) and Dax (6). Missin’ you Big Michael.

Oh my goodness, cousins galore! We played on the beach, water slide, golf cart driving all over the yard, a mini game of baseball (PawPaw mowed the baselines) and of course, the always-expected trip to Dannay’s for breakfast donuts (two days in a row)! Trust me, the ol’ waistline can’t handle too many trips to Dannay’s!

I can’t wait for more summer visitors, more sunshine and s’mores and hot dogs and ice cream and watermelon.

My Cup Runneth Over.

GO’s Sand Bucket is only one beach bum’s journal of life at the beach, probably something each of you can relate to. Please feel free to email me with your thoughts, visions and/or feelings of just exactly what the beach means to you. Email: [email protected]


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  1. Karen Rush says:

    Yes! Thanks, neighbor, for buying that lot! Love to hear the laughter coming from your place… especially Tom’s! Hope we can get some grands together to play this summer. Congrats on the fam moving back. Life is good!

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